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Milky Way Over Mt. Sara by Yarb Talal Victor

Milky Way Over Mt. Sara by Yarb Talal Victor

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In Life Never Forget These Important Things: Home, Time And Heartbeats

In life never forget these important things: One, that home is not a place, but a feeling. Two, that time...

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4 Tips for Maintaining Balanced Motivation

Entrepreneurs crave motivation for the grueling trek from great idea to real business but, unless we use it well, what feels like motivation is risky impulse.

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72 Lines to Jump-Start Your Brain.

I love paradoxes, koans, parables, proverbs, Secrets of Adulthood, and aphorisms. Last night, I started to think about poet William Blake’s Proverbs of Hell, from his book The Marriage of Heaven and Hell, so I went to re-read it. I’d forgotten how much I loved it, so I’m re-posting it today. Blake’s “Hell,” by the way, is not the traditional …

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Technology Has Exceeded Our Humanity

It has become appallingly obvious that our technology has exceeded our humanity. -Albert Einstein

In these days and times it is much harder to focus on building with others because of all of the distractions around us.

As citizens of this planet we have to come to agree upon certain principles. One of these principles is the principle of doing what is right by each other. If we continue to press on with different types of technology and continue to engage with each other less and less, there will come a time when nothing we do will help humanity as a whole, and instead will only strengthen a few while leaving everyone else out to dry.

Instead of focusing on trying to do what we can for ourselves, we must instead focus on building our dreams upon the idea of making the world a much better place.

If we really try to we can make this world more peaceful, and much more cohesive especially if more and more technology is invented with this idea as its central focus.

Amazing video below everyone needs to hear! In regards to our children growing up in this technological and all of us who have been guilty of allowing technology to hinder us from being more social.

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Let Your Actions Be Louder Than Your Words

Let your dreams be bigger than your fears, your actions louder than your words, and your faith stronger than your feelings.

There may always be ideas in our heads, but until we are willing to go towards turning these ideas into reality these ideas will simply remain as ideas in our heads.

Instead of living your life with a hope, dream, and nothing else, you have to be willing to live your life with passion, and intensity, knowing that you will be able to get where you need to go if you remain focused enough.

Don't just aim to be a dreamer, aim to be an achiever. Aim for a goal, and aim to be the best that ever did what you do. Remember that what you accomplish isn't for your own personal esteem or confidence, but instead live life knowing what you are going to do has the potential to change the world, and help it as much as possible.

You can be part of the change this world needs, stay in the hunt!

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These Massive Mirrored Dishes Could Make Solar Cheaper For All |...

These Massive Mirrored Dishes Could Make Solar Cheaper For All | FastCompany

So much sunlight hits the Earth each day that the world’s entire electricity needs could be met by harvesting only 2% of the solar energy in the Sahara Desert. Of course, using solar power as the world’s only energy source hasn’t been possible yet, in part because solar equipment is expensive to make (and getting the power out of the desert would be no easy feat, either). But researchers at IBM think they’re one step closer to making solar universally accessible with a low-cost system that can concentrate the sunlight by 2,000 times.

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21 Things You'll Regret Every Time

Living life "with no regrets" is often said in the context of looking back, as if it were purely about a way of viewing things you've done in the past. But what about taking a more active role in living with no regrets?

Living well is an art, and there's no playbook on how to do it. But just like there are certain Decisions You'll Never Regret Making, there are some that many people almost always do. "Not reading this list" might just be one of them…

1. Sending an email when you're angry

You want to hit send so bad. You've had time to craft the perfect response. George Costanza's "jerk store" one liner. Your finger rests on the enter key, promising to deliver an immediate catharsis. Right? Wrong. Just wait — the Internet isn't going anywhere. Take a breather and come back to it in an hour, or if it can wait, a day. Still want to send the email? Fine: that probably means that it's strategic, and will do more for you than provide a transitory relief for your frustration.

2. Sending a naughty text photo

If you thought sending angry emails was all about instant gratification at the risk of longterm risk, just think about the downside of sending this… Unless the recipient ends up being the person that you will indeed spend your life loving and trusting, you've put yourself in a very compromising position, figuratively and literally. And if the person on the other end does end up being your life partner, you'll have plenty of time to show them the genuine article in person anyway.

3. Cheating on your spouse or girlfriend/boyfriend

Besides the obvious moral failings, there is just no outcome from this that works out well. Either you get caught and face the external repercussions, or you get away with it and face the internal guilt.

4. Telling off your boss upon quitting

If you've never fantasized about telling your boss off, you either work for an incredible person or are self-employed (or both!). It's normal. And yes, it would feel incredible to reenact this fantasy when you're quitting and have nothing left to lose. The problem is that you do. Networks like LinkedIn and Facebook mean that your industry is smaller than ever, and word gets around. So maybe try fantasizing about how successful you'll be at your next job instead. (See also: 10 Fun Ways to Leave Your Job)

5. Putting off an artistic passion

It doesn't have to be a career and you don't have to be good at it, but allowing yourself a little time each week to scratch that creative itch can provide immediate mental benefits: relaxing, refocusing, and exercising your brain in a different direction. Conversely, depriving yourself of a hobby you're yearning for can be mentally taxing, causing resentment towards the people and things that are otherwise monopolizing your time.

6. Not spending enough time with loved ones

Very few people on their deathbed wish they had spent more time on TPS reports.

7. Making all your vacations about relaxing, instead of adventure

You work hard, you're stressed, and sometimes you want to lie on the beach. Sure. But when you're on said beach and a local offers to take you on a tour of a hidden waterfall, or your travel buddy wants you to come shark diving with him… go. Naptime is beautiful but it doesn't last — memories and photos with a great white do.

8. Under-budgeting a trip

This doesn't mean, "go on expensive vacations." Plan the trip you can afford, of course. Just don't be unrealistic during the planning face and lowball yourself — you'll end up spending the entire trip agonizing over each additional $3 margarita (well, at least while you can still feel pain).

9. Forgoing sunscreen

Speaking of painful trips…

10. Lying on a resume or job interview

Like cheating on a loved one, this type of cheating can also only lead to two undesirable outcomes upon getting the job: 1) your employers find out and fire you, or 2) they don't find out, and you spend every waking moment living with the specter that they may find out.

11. Staying at a dead-end job

Working at a job you hate can be a necessary evil if it's getting you somewhere. If it's not, every day you stay there has potential to become a regret. Get out! …Just don't lie on your resume to get a new one.

12. Holding grudges

Even the verb "holding" implies that it requires effort on your part.

13. Extensive self-deprecation

There's a time to be cute and poke fun at yourself, and a time to be confident and sell yourself. Know the difference.

14. Letting irrational fear dictate a decision

Fear can be useful – indeed, evolution designed it as such. "Run away from a charging mastodon." "Lock your doors at night." Theses are fears that have value. But irrational fears — often those that are based on embarrassment or on the perception of others — can be dangerous, and can lead you to avoid risks that, looking back, you'll realize weren't really risks at all. (See also: You're Blocking Your Own Success -- Here's How to Stop)

15. Not approaching that beautiful stranger

See "irrational fears," above. Rejection shouldn't stick with you. The thought that you missed out on your soul mate might.

16. Taking Latin

It's a dead language. Yes the classics have value and yes and it will help you on your SATs, and no, it's still not worth it. Learn a language that lets you interact with living human beings instead.

17. Dropping out of school for no good reason

Some very famous, very successful people have dropped out of school. And some of them didn't even have a reason beyond knowing it wasn't right for them. But at least that's a reason. If you don't know, don't drop out. Even if you're forced to take Latin.

18. Not telling loved ones how you feel

You may have less time with them than you think.

19. Letting friends you love slip away

Friendships can run their course and that's OK — this doesn't mean you need to perpetuate every relationship with everyone you've ever cared about. But being busy isn't a good reason to let those you do care about slip away.

20. Perpetuating dead friendships

People change, circumstances change. Appreciate friendships for what they were and be thankful. Don't spend time and energy on those friendships that are no longer meaningful to you in the present.

21. Taking that last shot at the bar

Go home, you're drunk.

Vehemently disagree with one of these? Wholeheartedly endorse one? Let us know in the comments — you may regret not speaking your mind!


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How the Right Wing is Killing Women

According to a report released last week in the widely-respected health research journal, The...

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Exquisiteness Time b

Exquisiteness Time by Josep Sumalla



Lonely by Maurizio Fecchio

Lonely by Maurizio Fecchio

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Extremely rare image shows bee and butterfly drinking crocodile tears

Extremely rare image shows bee and butterfly drinking crocodile tears

This image is so weird and rare that you may think it's a bizarre photoshop. It's not—it was taken by aquatic ecologist Carlos de la Rosa, who says the butterfly and the bee drank the tears from a Caiman crocodilus for 15 minutes. There's video too:


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Forgiveness Requires Humility

Barry Adkins has taken a long road to find forgiveness. But he refuses to be collateral damage in an endless cycle of grief and hate.

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